Text Pattern….in the Making

By Em | Love My Work

Mar 22

So, I woke up one day thinking: 

" I am missing an AWESOME pattern in my visual brand! Why don't I have one yet?! "

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That is how I got here, sharing with you the creation process of my brand's patterns [see videos]

I first started with a drawing one [the one on the left], and it seemed cute and I'm sure I'm gonna use it on something, but it seemed a bit too busy and cluttered to use it as a background. The thing about patterns: USE THEM WISELY! It is pretty easy to clutter anything that uses a pattern that is too divers in shapes & colors....it's too distracting if you plan on using it with other content, not just by itself.

Now, why would I need a pattern in my brand?!

Honestly I don't, BUT I want it because it's a GREAT method of personalizing something....basically, an easy way of branding and making it your own!

Business wise, well... first of all, as you can see, I was thinking of making a special background on my blog for each category. So, if you look now on the sides, there is the background of this category, "Love my work" ......and if you will browse on other, you will see how CUTE I've transformed my boring blog layout into something UNIQUE and branded.

So, the idea was to have something cute, but not too flashy, because at the end of the day it's just a background and I don;t want to distract people from the actual content, right? That's how I got the idea: let me use my AWESOME brand "no name" (yet) snail, that obviously is in the theme of the pattern & the rest, just use the words for each category in my brand's fonts.

I have to admit, at first I found the text patterns kind of challenging!

If interested in seeing how I made those patterns, check out the shared videos. The one on top showing how I actually create the "Hey you awesome you" pattern from scratch and the video below is VERY IMPORTANT, showing you how to check if it's correct (if it continues nicely at the edges) and how to correct it if it doesn't!

Stay tuned for a Pattern Making Tutorial....coming soon.

...and I will keep you up to date with the newest trainings, tutorials & know hows.

What can you use your pattern for?

​Besides the fact that you can use it in VARIOUS ways in your business, as I said before, to brand & personalize your website, blog, use it on banners or anywhere you need to use a visual element to organize / delimit your content, you can use a cute, branded pattern......you can also PERSONALIZE real object, like wear it, or use it in your house.....or still business related: for your clients, employees or to bring a bit of uniqueness to your live events!

I will definitely get more into detail, with examples, into this "How to use patterns" subject, but for now I have a few options you may just love, below. 🙂 Enjoy!!​

Maybe wear it .....here are some FASHION options for you:

....or, some really practical use, like in HOME DECOR, CASES & BAGS:

Here are just a few more of my snail-text branded patterns + a bonus video below 🙂

Cut the crap

Awesome shit

Everyday inspiration

Sneak peek on trainings

Love my work

P.S. A bonus video for "Sneak Peek on trainings" pattern


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