Say “I love you” ….

By Em | Awesome Shit

Feb 26

Say “I love you”….to whom?…..YOURSELF

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Today you get kind of a double tip and they are both soooooo simple, but so important

1. Say “I love you”….to whom?…..YOURSELF
YES!! Once a day, in the morning, to set the tone for the day, tell yourself “I love you”

IMPORTANT! ….obviously mean it (I’m telling you, you cannot not mean it!) and say it out loud….not screaming, but not just in your head. Now, observe and embrace the feeling that rushes through you!!

2. This is more like a bonus [credit: Ian Rajkumar]….while you’re there, looking to yourself in the mirror, focus your attention for a few minutes on one of your eyes…..great boost for your self confidence in such a simple exercise!!

For more info, watch the video 🙂

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….stay amazing,
Em B-)


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