Remember the Diva Character Outline? …..Here She Comes to Life!

[part 2 - Coloring]

By Em | Love My Work

Mar 17

​[VIDEOS below]

Hey there my AWESOME you remember the creation process of the Diva Character?!  I am working on Branding The Awesomeness of a great & FUN client & she has these cute, sophisticated character in different situations. If by any chance you missed the post on the Outline of the Divas, click here! 

An d now here we are, actually bringing the character to life by coloring her.....this was quite the journey for me, being a new technique of drawing to what I was used to, but I LOVE the outcome. We're almost done!!

Enjoy!! .....stay amazing,
Em B-)

" Bringing the Diva Character to life "​

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[1] The coloring of Music Diva

[2] The coloring of Cowgirl Diva 

P.S. Stay tuned for the next ones!


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