Do What They Want, Not What You Want!

By Em | Cut the Crap

Mar 14

" Do What They Want, Not What You Want! ....I say #CutTheCrap "

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I say #CutTheCrap

Focusing your time and energy on finding out what other people want…..either guessing or actually making research, yeah, it probably work for a big corporation, which is just a money making machine. IS THAT YOUR BUSINESS?!

If YES, I’m not talking to you, don’t waste your time on this video, BUT, if you are as the cliche says “soulpreneur” & your biz is born from passion, then I say your focus is in the wrong place.

How easy is it to just focus on what you PASSIONATELY want to offer and I guarantee that if you stand by your brand values and are true to yourself, YOU WILL ATTRACT your most awesome clients & people to collaborate with.

Do what feeds your soul, own it and express it, and that’s how you create a UNIQUE brand….and to be honest, that’s what I call successful: clearly stating what you do, so that the ideal clients for you get it and come to you.

NO MORE copy businesses with no personality!!

For more info, watch the video 🙂

….stay amazing,
Em B-)


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