Character Illustration in New Technique

[part 1 - Outline]

By Em | Love My Work

Feb 27

​[VIDEOS below]

I gotta say: this is my VERY FIRST work-in-progress type of video post......and, considering that this is just a new technique that I am trying for a client, I would say I'm doing pretty good 😀


I am working on this AWESOME character for a client of mine and at some point we decided that this type of illustration (more of a outline shape with fill, rather than painting with the blob tool in Illustrator....what I'm used to) better suited her brand, so I said:

" Let's give it a try! "​

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Now, how did I get to record and share my process?! it is:

I am gonna be VULNERABLE right now.....II am not the most confident artist in my drawing skills, I don't believe I can just doddle a masterpiece, like others seem to be doing and I thought: if people love the result of my work, why the fuck does the process matter?, I kept it a secret. That and also because I don't feel that I am that good, a video of me drawing seemed really boring!



I just decided to OWN my way of doing things....isn't that what I keep telling other people?! ...well, it's about time I take my own advice!!

" I OWN my way of doing things! " B-)

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I am NOT the artist that sketches everyday in order to get gather a bunch of doddles in a notebook, for what? .....I don't just practice, because I DON'T LIKE IT. Just getting better does not seen like a good enough reason for me, I NEED an end result. It might be a personal project, but it has to be part of something bigger than just that sketch. That's just how I am. SO, my practice is basically working for my projects.....mine or for clients. And I LOVE that now, I acknowledged it and embraced it!!

I don't believe in practicing in order to get better and work on projects!! I believe in working on projects, which is the most 'hands on' practice that will inevitably make you better!!

​And all this blabber takes us to the project at hand. Below are my first videos on the process of drawing (for me): with trial and error, research and inspiration 🙂 (I did cut a few parts that really took too much time :)))) Hope you enjoy!

[stay till the end of the post and you'll get a blooper :)))) .....shitty things happen]​


[1] The outline of Detective Diva .....see how my main challenge here is the hand 

[2] The outline of Gadget Diva 

[3] The outline of Music Diva ....she's my favorite one <3

P.S. Stay tuned for the next videos on coloring her...let's bring her to life!!

P.S.2 Thanks for getting to the's the blooper :))))


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