Begin With The… Beginning

By Em | Sneak Peek [on trainings]

Mar 18

Begin with the... beginning

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Before designing anything, if you don't have the basics, the CORE VALUES of your brand, you are drawing blindfolded!

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Today’s Brand Your AWESOMENESS Tip: begin with the… beginning

Pretty straightforward and….obvious, right? Well, you might not be so right in what I mean.

Logo?….no, that’s not the beginning in visual branding.

BEFORE you do ANYTHING in your biz, there is something you want to do: establish what the f*ck you stand for!! Your UNIQUENESS……in order to even start designing anything, or even writing copy or whatever it might be, if you don’t have the basics, the CORE VALUES of you brand, you are drawing blindfolded!!

How are you gonna EXPRESS your awesomeness / uniqueness if you don’t know what that is?!?!

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…..stay amazing,
Em B-)

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I help BADASS entrepreneurs express their AWESOMENESS into their brand through GRAPHIC DESIGN!! B-)