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Mar 16

People would call you STUPID if you don't act / react / be as they are, or as they would expect...

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…oh yeah……you read that correctly!! B-)
People would call you STUPID if you don’t act / react / be as they are, or as they would expect. But guess what?! That’s when you are BEING YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF!! When people don’t get you, that’s when you can be sure you did not just take after someone else

So, allow yourself to:

1. Be stupid when being NEW in something… cannot possibly know everything, so learn and be eager to do so without the fear of being ‘stupid’ to others

2. Not take yourself, or life to seriously…..our journey is meant to be enjoyed, I like to believe life is a game…..Acting like that, allowing yourself to be crazy, may just make people think “(s)he’s stupid and doesn’t know better” ……who gives a fuck? As I always say, I would always choose to be STUPID, BUT HAPPY!! What about you?

All this being said, I just allowed myself to film this in my underwear :))))

…..stay amazing,
Em B-)

P.S. For more info, watch the video 🙂

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