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Mar 08

Be a novice!! ....and you will have the advantage of boundless CREATIVITY!

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Today I beg you to:

1. Give yourself the opportunity to always TRY NEW THINGS…..don’t take life so seriously, just make it FUN!!… know why?!
TRYING SOMETHING NEW does NOT make you less qualified to do it!!
Inexperienced people bring the MOST CREATIVE & genuine solutions to the table

2. People in need of help, DON’T always look for experienced ones!!….give a change to newbies and that will be your trump card!! (exactly because of the arguments from point 1.)

So, DON’T LET the FEAR of UNKNOWN stop you!! ….life is about experiencing the new, it’s about change and learning….while having FUN (obviously)

For more info, watch the video 🙂

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….stay amazing,
Em B-)


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